Our friend, Betty

Betty PrincipatoToday we say good-bye to a wonderful friend and colleague.  Betty Principato was the office manager/administrative assistant in the department of education at what was then Rivier College.  Betty greeted everyone with a smile.  She worked mainly with the undergraduate students, but would help whomever came into her office.  She passed away on Sunday, June 15, 2013.

You’d never know it but looking at her desk, but she was one of the most organized people I’ve ever met.  Post-its were her best friends.  They were all over her desk.  While she might take a little time to find what she needed, she always did.  When deadlines came close, you might wonder if a project would be ready…it always was.  Betty and I often recommended and borrowed books from each other.  We would often share our responses to the books.

Betty retired a few years ago and since then has enjoyed spending some of her time with her husband, Joe at their condominium in Florida and with their three children and grandchildren.  They had a time share in Aruba (I think) and visited there each year.  Betty was diagnosed with a late stage cancer in February, 2014 while staying in Florida.  They came back to New England, got a second opinion and opted out of treatment.  Since then she enjoyed short visits with friends and much time with her husband, her children and her grandchildren.

She passed away on Sunday morning, surrounding by the family that she loved.  I know that they will miss her smiling face, her wonderful laugh and beautiful presence.  Many from the college will be reminded of Betty and her contributions to the college and to the faculty at Rivier.

Have a wonderful journey Betty.  I’ll bet she is smiling all the way.  God bless.




One response to “Our friend, Betty

  1. May the memory of our dearly departed Betty, who is worthy of blessedness and eternal memory, be with us now and forever and ever.


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