TheO Smart Ball

TheO Smart Ball

TheO Smart Ball

TheO Smart Ball is a great tool for kids (and adults).  The ball is made of a great rubberish material that is fun to hold and soft…my friend’s dog, Molly loves this kind of materials…she can really get her teeth into it (probably not a good idea). Anyway this ball is around $35.o0.  You upload to your phone for activity apps, place your phone securely into the space that you see in the picture, turn on the program you want to play and throw the ball.  Each time the ball is thrown, the question or problem changes on the screen.  Great for reviewing material, just adding a big of engagement to the lesson.  Some of the apps are great games for families too (you don’t really need the ball, you can just shake the phone and the question changes.  At a recent “sisters” reunion we had fun playing Interrago, a great icebreaker for use in therapy or just to get to know new people.  There is also a Bowling for TheO, Flying Circus, Word Teasers and Pop Fun.  The developers are working on developing an app that will allow teachers to write their own material to use.  A fun addition to your classroom, home or office.

photo (43)

Here’s the guy at the CEC Convention describing the Smartball to me. Another convention find.


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