Willie, my snowy owl

photo 4 Willie, the Snowy Owl

I have finally completed needle felting a snowy owl that I started about a month ago.  Willie is just over 12 inches tall.  I have reworked him a number of times.  I completed primary and secondary wings, and tail feathers, only to pull them off and start again.  Willlie’s chest is different from how I started as well.

These are the original primary feathers that I made for Willie.  I decided they just weren’t correct.

One thing I enjoy about needle felting, besides the peace and calm that it brings me, it that if you don’t like what you have done, you can just pull your wool off and start again. I think Willie is completed, but as I look at him on my desk work area, I’m seeing that his left side looks a bit more bloated than his right side.  I’ll have to take care of that next.

photo 3

Here is Willie, The Snowy Owl

To attempt such as project, I first learned more about snowy owls, especially their physical features.  I looked at numerous pictures of beautiful photographs of snowys and read about all kinds of conservation and protection programs that are aimed to increase the snowy’s numbers.  Then I searched for pictures of  needle felted snowys.

photo 2Willie…side view

 I didn’t base Willie on any one photo or needle felted project, but created him as I went along.  Were I do this again (I probably won’t unless I get a commission for Willie), I would turn his head to the side, posing him differently.

photo 1Willie’s backside…You can see the three sets of feathers (actually there are four…at the top are the wing covering feathers)

For Christmas I created a portrait of my husband, of which I am very proud.  Frank knew I was up to something, but was really shocked when he opened this present.

photo-72I think that this is one of my best pieces.  Even the attitude of the portrait captures Frank’s overall demeanor.

I also worked very hard on a bald eagle for my nephew, Kevin, who enjoys photographing them.   Here is a photo of Kevin’s bald eagle.  I can’t tell you how long it took me to be happy with the beak.photo-74Well, that’s the update on needle felting.  Finally, I’ve found a craft that I enjoy doing and can well fairly well.


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