Expanding Availability for Consulting

Teacher training in Antigua, West Indies.

Teacher training in Antigua, West Indies.

As the former director of the General Special Education Certification Program at Rivier University, I have decided to expand my availability for consulting in school districts. My expertise is in the area of literacy assessment, planning and monitoring progress.

I have consulted to school districts and private schools for many years.  As a former teacher and administrator in both public and private schools (K-16) and a doctorate in special education from Boston College, I have consulted on a  wide range of topics.  I have presented papers at international, national, regional and state conferences, and conducted teacher training on a many toptics in the area of literacy learning.

I am fortunate to provide  training and mentoring to teachers in Antigua,
W.I. and work with students in the schools there, developing skills in integrated teaching using place-based education principles.  Focus has been on creating environments that promote active learning with emphasis on developing language , dialogue and critical thinking skills.

Principals of primary schools in Antigua work together to solve the

Principals of primary schools in Antigua work together to solve the “marshmallow challenge.” After the challenge they discussed the skills that were necessary to successfully complete the project.

My primary area of expertise is in the assessment of literacy skills in K-12 students.  I have conducted hundreds of literacy evaluations over my career and have helped many teachers improve their understanding of how students develop literacy and their ability to choose appropriate methods to use to enhance literacy in their classrooms.

An example of drawing and writing.

An example of drawing and writing.  Much can be learned about what students’ know by examining their writing.  This sample was in response to the story Tikki Tikki Tembo.  This English language learner demonstrates some understanding of story sequence, excellent concept of word and developing phonemic awareness.  HIs difficulty with grammar is evident.

When I conduct literacy assessments, my first task is to talk to the students about their feelings and emotions (they are differences) and their willingness to engage in literacy tasks, their ability to sustain their attention to literacy tasks and their tolerance for  frustration.  These behaviors may dictate planning recommendations.  photo-77

In the coming weeks, I will be adding literacy information and tips on various pages of this blog-space.  I hope that you will contact me at my email (sgately49@gmail.com) if you would like additional information or would like to discuss my services further.   l look forward to helping you “disengage your automatic pilot.”


P.S.  As you explore earlier blogs you will see that I am enjoy needle felting!  Above is a needle felted portrait of my husband I did for Christmas!  What a great way to relax!


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